Cleanups, Beautification & Placemaking

Our community cleanup and placemaking programs are transforming Indianapolis neighborhoods one block at a time.

  • IPL Project GreenSpace

    We partner with neighborhood-based organizations to help eliminate blight and revitalize public spaces.

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  • Adopt-A-Block

    Established in 2002 to reduce and prevent litter at the smallest unit — the block!

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  • Great Indy Cleanup

    See what a difference a weekend can make.

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  • Urban Naturalists

    Indianapolis young adults working towards green careers and helping us tend Indy’s native landscapes

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  • Graffiti-Free Indy

    The Graffiti-Free Indy initiative allows Indy residents to take graffiti removal into their own hands.

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  • Event Greening: Trash Boxes & Recycling Bins

    KIB has trash boxes to purchase and recycling bins to rent for your next event!

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