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You should know this person: Allyson Pumphrey, President, Sustainable Catalyst Partners, LLC

Q: What is Sustainable Catalyst Partners? A: SCP is a comprehensive sustainability planning and consulting firm. We work with municipalities, neighborhood groups, and a variety of different organizations and agencies to help them understand what sustainability means for their individual organization or community, and help them put together a plan based on their long-term and short-term goals. In the case … Read more

You Should Know This Person: Michelle Peck, Store Manager, REI Castleton

Q: What does REI do? Since this is the first one in Indiana, people may not know. A: We are the nation’s largest consumer-owned co-op, and sell outdoor gear and apparel. We focus on muscle-powered activity and we seek to get people outside. From camping, to climbing, cycling and paddling, and fitness has become a really big category for us … Read more

You Should Know This Person: Jim Poyser, Earth Charter Indiana

Jim Poyser is a man of action. There is hardly a day that goes by when he is not visiting a school, planning and hosting and event, or connecting with groups of people to talk about climate change and our role in sustainability. He rides his bike everywhere (including to this interview). He knows everybody. And you should know him. … Read more

The 10 Oldest Trees in the World

Indiana has about 2,000 acres of old growth forests, which pales in comparison to the over 20 MILLION acres it had before civilization (good thing KIB is here to keep planting new ones, with your help!). Trees in these old growth forests can live more for than 250 years, meaning that some of them are older than our country itself! … Read more

You Should Know This Person: Bill Kincius, City Forester

Bill Kincius,┬áManager of Urban Forestry, Indianapolis Department of Public Works answers our question. Get to know him and his cool job that helps people and nature thrive: Q: What is your actual job description? A: I am charged with managing the resources and policies that the City allocates toward care of trees in the Rights-of-Way and other City-owned land such … Read more