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Playborhoods are here to stay

A childhood isn’t a childhood without a scraped up knee from a game of tag, building a fort to hide from the enemy, or getting yelled at by the boss lady [mom] for coming home covered in mud because you rode your bike through the creek.

We all have those memories. Those are the ones we hold near and dear to our heart. Childhood is a time of discovery and adventure. Playing outside with the neighborhood kids, riding bikes and creating imaginary scenarios that could only be possible in the land of make believe. Your childhood is supposed to be fun, messy, and full of mistakes; a riveting time where you introduce yourself to the culture of play and the importance of community.

But not in the world we live in today.  Childhood has become controlled and isolated, filled with scheduled activities and monotonous play dates. Kids are trapped inside a box of rules, where the outdoors is plagued as dark and scary.  Do parents have reason to be afraid? Of course they do! Does this mean they should lock their doors and close the blinds? Of course not! Children need their neighborhoods and neighborhoods need their children.

Mike Lanza, author, tech entrepreneur and father, felt the same way and decided to take action by creating a “playborhood.” He turned his home into a community center for kids, encouraging his neighbors to do the same. He created a balance of control and unsupervised fun by allowing the kids to run freely inside and around the yard.

Playborhood’s caught on quickly and are popping up in neighborhoods all over the country. Lanza even wrote the book, “Playborhood,” to share his stories and offer advice. Not only does this allow the kids to play, but it gives the parents an excuse to kick back and socialize after a long day in the office. It’s a win-win!  Playborhoods are helping neighborhoods get back to where they need to be.