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Planting with a Purpose

Serving the world through planting trees. 

Planting with a Purpose is an active way to bring your faith-based group beyond the doors of your worship center. By considering planting trees in a deserving neighborhood, and making a financial contribution to match your time you can help people and nature thrive!

First Mennonite Church Tree Planting: Creating a native woodland for the neighborhood

In 2007 the First Mennonite Church on Knollton Rd. began a beautiful woodland habitat park for congregants and neighbors in the area to enjoy.  Here is what one congregant of First Mennonite Church said about the project:

“I just wanted to express our appreciation for a glorious morning planting trees at First Mennonite Church. The little kids are talking about “their” paw paw trees, and the adults are comparing the event to an old-fashioned Amish/Mennonite barn raising. Many participants expressed real appreciation for the opportunity to learn the proper techniques for planting trees, so I suspect many more trees will benefit from the experience at their homes. What a great way to start putting our community park concept on the ground … KIB is a real treasure in our city!”

—Gwen White, First Mennonite Church

Jewish Community Center: Bringing together different faiths and educating youth

In April of 2008 members planted 26 trees around the Jewish Community Center.  The planting took place on a Sunday and included volunteers from multiple religious backgrounds.  Large trees were planted near the playground to provide shade, and volunteers also planted Paw Paw and Persimmon trees near an outdoor classroom so that students could learn about the edible fruits that these native trees produce!

St. Luke’s United Methodist Church: Planting trees, caring for creation

St. Luke’s United Methodist Church made a special commitment toward caring for the earth this year.  In the early Spring, St. Luke’s dedicated a morning worship service to talk about NeighborWoods and the responsibility of Christians to be environmental stewards in our community.  They encouraged each person in their congregation to pledge $100 towards planting a tree along the White River, and raised over $10,000 towards this effort!

On April 25th, nearly 75 members of St. Luke’s planted 101 trees beautiful native trees along the White River, providing essential habitat for migratory birds, and improving erosion control and water filtration for Indianapolis’ primary waterway.

St. Luke’s volunteers also said special blessings for each tree planted.  Thank you, St. Luke’s!

Interested in getting your congregation involved? Apply for a NeighborWoods Tree Planting at your place of worship or contact Nate Faris at or 317.264.7555 x 111 to discuss a unique partnership opportunity!