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Phone Book Recycling is Back!

For more information, contact:
Keep Indianapolis Beautiful, Inc.: Linda Broadfoot
Office: 317.264.7555, x112
Cell Phone : 317.223.5181

Republic Waste Services & Recycling of Indiana: Barry Pruitt
Office: 917-7300

AT&T: Jackie Janus
Office: 312.932.2812


4 Indianapolis Schools Participate in Phone Book Recycling to Earn Cash!

INDIANAPOLIS, IND., Oct. 12, 2009—If the shortage of recycling locations to drop off your outdated telephone directories has hindered you from joining the thousands who have already gone green, now is your chance to join the team and help improve the environment.

AT&T, Keep Indianapolis Beautiful, Inc. (KIB), and Republic Waste Services & Recycling of Indiana (Republic Services) have teamed up to provide more residents and businesses the opportunity to go green. Seven new recycling drop-off locations will accept outdated phone books from October 12 through December 15, which coincides with the delivery of the new Indianapolis AT&T Real Yellow Pages directory. In addition, four Indianapolis schools will participate in the first annual Project ReDirectory phone book recycling drive.
“It’s a great time to get on the recycling bandwagon, or supplement your recycling efforts,” said Rhonda Bieda, area market manager AT&T Advertising Solutions. “As new directories are delivered to Indianapolis residents and businesses, locate the drop-off location most convenient for you, and bring in those old directories so they can be recycled into valuable products such as home insulation, animal bedding, roofing shingles and more.”

Additional recycling containers will be available from October 12th through December 15th at the following locations:
• Broad Ripple Park, 450 Broad Ripple Avenue
• Circle City Recycling, 3617 Southeastern Avenue
• Langsdale Recycling, 832 Langsdale Avenue
• Perry Park, 415 E. Stop 11 Road
• Product Development Corp Warehouse, 3000 S. Shelby Street (1 block south of Troy St., on the west side of Shelby St., where Perry St. ends at Shelby St.)
• Republic Services, 96th Street Transfer Station
• Sahm Park, 6801 E. 91st Street

These locations will be serviced by Republic Services.

“We’re excited about the additional locations for phone book recycling this year in Indianapolis,” said Tammy Stevens, Recycling Manager, Keep Indianapolis Beautiful. “Providing multiple drop-off locations will make it easier for residents to divert this material from our waste stream while providing needed material to be recycled into other valuable products.”

Residents and businesses can also help local schools when recycling their outdated directories. As part of the Project ReDirectory phone book recycling drive which runs from Oct. 29 through Dec. 7, the following schools will have an opportunity to win $50 for each ton (up to $250) of outdated directories collected, with the school collecting the most (minimum of two tons) will win an additional $250:
• Cold Spring Academy, 3650 Cold Spring Road
• Craig Middle School, 6501 Sunnyside Road
• Greenbrier Elementary School, 8201 Ditch Road
• Southport High School, 971 E. Banta Road

Also, for those households that subscribe to curbside recycling through Republic Services, you’ll be able to place outdated directories in your curbside recycling bin. “We are proud to offer these additional options to recycle phone books in Indianapolis. And we are excited to participate in this year’s Project ReDirectory recycling drop-off sites and school phone book recycling challenge,” said Barry Pruitt, General Manager, Republic Services.

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