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Pervious Pavement: Snap, Crackle, Pop–Sustainability

The pervious pavement, along with the two rain gardens, native landscape and 8,000 gallon cistern, keep nearly half of the stormwater that falls onsite from entering the city’s combined sewer system.

What is pervious pavement exactly? Pervious pavement is a mix of materials that allows stormwater to move through the materials, rather than run-off to the side. It resembles a Rice Krispy treat when bisected (delicious and it saves the planet). Though because of it’s delicate features our lot must be maintained using extra special care. For instance, we have have our lot vacuumed twice a year to remove any debris that might impede its permeable qualities. Plus, when it’s super swnoy out we have to have our lot plowed with a rubber-tipped plow–who knew!

Don’t believe there is a big difference between non-pervious and pervious pavement? Swing by 1029 Fletcher Ave. next time it rains!