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Pat Brown

I first learned about keep Indianapolis Beautiful, Inc. when the Irvington Garden Club asked if I wanted a free tree. I thought was going to be a little spindly thing. What a pleasant surprise when the 2″ caliper plane tree was planted. All up and down my street trees were planted back when the holes for the trees were dug out with augers! You should see them today, they are beautiful and the shade is wonderful.

I was able to help plant trees around the neighborhood soon after and every chance I had. There has always been a great satisfaction driving through my neighborhood seeing trees I helped plant.

Three years ago I approached the Irvington Terrace CrimeWatch group about planting the cloverleaf at Shadeland and Washington to make it a bit of a gateway to our neighborhood. Bringing nature back to this cloverleaf also meant less mowing for the city, less gas consummed, less pollution, slowing down water running into our creeks and sewers, more habitat for wildlife, etc. Keep Indianapolis Beautiful gets what we are trying to do out at the cloverleaf – they are doing this all over the city!

The Irvington Terrace CrimeWatch immediately agreed – even knowing about the 3 year watering commitment. Their reason for agreeing so quickly. Making things beautiful shows you care about what goes on in your neighborhood. We will not put up with crime!

My 12 year plan for the cloverleaf was shortened a by 3 years this last fall when choosen to be a training ground for the Lilly Day of Service – they needed to learn how to plant on slopes. Thank you for thinking of us out at the cloverleaf!

Since we planted the cloverleaf we have also planted along Washington Street. The Washington Street planting has had even more of an impact in the neighborhood. One day an asphalt jungle the next day a tree lined street. Planting an asphalt jungle with a bit of green, how can you go wrong!?!

Keep Indianapolis looks way into the future concerning the health of their trees. No planting under lines–as much as a neighbor might want to and would without guidelines. There is nothing sadder then a stately tree misshapened by tree crews to allow lines to pass through or over it. Neighbors don’t always think of this.

This spring we are planting another street in the neighborhood and then back out to the cloverleaf. Working with Keep Indianapolis Beautiful, Inc. has legitimized the cloverleaf project and so was able to receive grant money for native plants from 3 other organizations.

Without Keep Indianapolis Beautiful, Inc. our projects would have never gotten off the ground- our crime watch group had absolutely no funds for beautifying. Now we have a Beautification Committee!!

Keep Indianapolis Beautiful chooses the trees that they know will work for your project. They bring a few extra volunteers and every tool you might need for a planting.

Working with Keep Indianapolis Beautiful, Inc. has brought our crime watch group even closer together. Keep Indianapolis Beautiful, Inc is not only beautifying the physical neighborhood but the spirit of the neighborhoods, developing friendships among people that might not otherwise meet and work towards a common goal.