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NextGear Capital

This month KIB recognizes the generous support of NextGear Capital. On May 16, NextGear Capital employees tackled invasive plants like non-native honey suckle in Riverside Park. Smiling volunteers cut and cleared habitat to make way for urban landscapes free of invasive species, providing native plants and wildlife the space they need to grow and thrive. Huge thanks to Next GearCapital for supporting KIB’s mission and lending a helping hand to the community.

Name: NextGear Capital


What neighborhood do you live in? Our team members live throughout Central Indiana and we consider ourselves part of the larger Central Indiana community. For that reason, we have been proud to partner with Keep Indianapolis Beautiful for the past year as they work to improve the communities that many of us call home.


How long have you supported Keep Indianapolis Beautiful? Although many of our team members have volunteered with KIB for several years, in 2017, NextGear Capital was proud to be recognized with the Cox Conserves Chairman’s Cup Award in recognition of the sustainable practices implemented as a company. In celebration of this award, NextGear Capital had the opportunity to volunteer alongside members of the company’s ThinkGreen team last fall on a KIB project to improve a school playground on Indianapolis’ southside. This project served as a catalyst for our partnership.


Why do you support KIB? Environmental sustainability is a core value of Cox Automotive and NextGear Capital – our work in the area of sustainability is a great compliment to the mission of KIB, to engage diverse communities to create vibrant public places, helping people and nature thrive.


What impact do you feel that the work with KIB has on the community? NextGear Capital believes its key to support and improve the communities where our team members work and play. Keep Indianapolis Beautiful facilitates the feeling of pride in calling central Indiana home.


What else are you involved in within the community? NextGear Capital supported over 200 organizations in our community last year. As a Cox Automotive Company, there are certain causes that are especially important to us; these focus areas include: hunger relief, youth and family, health, and environmental issues.


Why would you encourage others to support KIB?  The work Keep Indianapolis Beautiful does is paramount and as members of the community it is important to support the mission and efforts of KIB.


NextGear Capital is proud to be a part of the 30,000 annual volunteers that put forth a multitude of resources to support Keep Indianapolis Beautiful’s community improvement projects. We were thrilled to have over 100 team members experience the work of KIB at Riverside park on May 16. Removing nearly two acres of Asian Bush Honeysuckle was no small task, but in true NextGear Capital fashion, team members rolled up their sleeves, grabbed saws and got to work!