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New Year Just Got Brighter for 20 Community Groups


David Forsell
Keep Indianapolis Beautiful, Inc.

New Year Just Got Brighter for 20 Community Groups

INDIANAPOLIS –Keep Indianapolis Beautiful, Inc. is making plans for 20 community projects receiving its support in 2010 through the IPL Project GreenSpace Program.

Since 1995, KIB has helped to transform vacant lots, old parking lots, medians, and little used areas into Pocket Parks; beautiful places that promote community and pride, and add value to surrounding neighborhoods. In 2010, KIB and its community partners will be creating and sprucing up nine pocket parks:

Bishop’s Garden at Wesley United Methodist Church, 3425 West 30th St. – This project will help serve the church that sits on the same property. Plans include an outdoor amphitheater, gazebo, a children’s vegetable garden, and landscaping.

Community Outreach Center, 900 East 23rd St. (at Guilford), King Park Area – In an area of need, a vacant lot next to a community center will be turned into a place where individuals can gather and children can play.

Cottage Home Neighborhood Park, 758 North Highland, Near East Side –This park has been designed with an environmentally friendly plan that includes an expanded vegetable garden, an outdoor shelter/stage, and other eco-friendly features to capture and clean stormwater. In 2010 the focus will be on finishing walks and planting trees.

Dearborn Gardens, 842 North Dearborn St., RMS10 Neighborhood, Near East Side –This new park will have a gardening focus that will help to expand the number of the community’s urban vegetable gardens.

Felege Hiywot Center, 1960 Hillside Avenue, Martindale-Brightwood – This vacant lot sits across from a church and has had a history of illegal dumping. Plans for this park include a community vegetable garden as well as areas where community members may socialize with one another.

Global Peace Initiatives, Island of Santorini Park, 1433 East Prospect St., Fountain Square – Already under construction, this park contains a topographical map of the island of Santorini.

Irvington PreSchool Playground Renovation, 30 North Audubon Rd., Irvington – A playground used by 100+ children undergoes its fair share of wear and tear; they will be sure to appreciate the changes that include refurbishing the existing playground equipment, installing new equipment, new walkways, trees, and landscaping.

Miracle Place, 941 North Temple Ave., St. Clair Place Neighborhood, Near East Side – This park sits on a formerly vacant lot and will be receiving playground equipment in 2010. In 2009 KIB helped Miracle Place create a vibrant new landscape, including a mural wall for children to contribute their talents to the park.

Oaks Academy Arboretum, 2301 North Park Ave., Fall Creek Place, Near North Side– KIB started this project two years ago, and will continue to expand the arboretum in 2010. Pathways will be created and a lumber bridge installed. This will provide an educational, open natural space for play and relaxation during the school day, and a beautiful place for passive recreation for neighbors.
In addition to the Pocket Parks that will receive funding from KIB, 11+ GreenSpace projects will also receive assistance. IPL Project GreenSpace supports partnerships with neighborhood-based organizations to create vibrant public spaces in neighborhoods. The following have been selected to receive assistance in 2010:

Athenaeum Native Vegetated Filter, 401 E. Michigan St.– KIB will work with the Athenaeum Foundation to transform the north lawn of the Athenaeum building with the installation of a sustainable landscape. This landscape will include a native vegetative filter, paver patios, benches and educational signage.

Bates Hendricks Neighborhood, Alabama Street Median– This project will beautify a large esplanade on South Alabama Street between Lincoln St. and Terrace Ave. The improvement will consist of landscaping, patios, benches and planters.

Former Indiana Women’s Prison / Indianapolis Re-Entry Educational Facility Beautification 401 North Randolph St., Near Eastside – This project will beautify the perimeter of the former Indiana Women’s Prison as it transitions to a minimum security facility. The addition of perimeter landscaping and the removal of the unsightly, razor-wire fencing will make the facility’s appearance more neighborhood friendly.

Fox Hill Estates, 1527 Royal Lake Circle, Northeast Side – This project will naturalize the neighborhood’s retention pond with a native shoreline buffer, trees and shrubs. These plantings will improve water quality, prevent erosion, deter geese and attract desirable wildlife.

Garfield Neighbors Median Planting, Raymond Street between Shelby Street and Madison Avenue, Near Southside – This project will include the installation of trees, grasses and shrubs on the Raymond Street medians near Garfield Park.

HealthNet/Southwest Health Center, 1522 W. Morris St., Southwest Side – This project will help Health Net implement a sustainable landscape at the new Southwest Health Center at 3401 E. Raymond Street. The plan includes a green wall, native plants, pervious parking lot, and a rain garden.

Highland Vicinity Gateway, 2902 and 2905 North Capitol Ave., Highland Vicinity Neighborhood, Near North Side – KIB will work with the Highland Vicinity Neighborhood to implement a gateway planting at the intersection of Capitol and 29th Streets. This project will transform two overgrown gravel lots into beautiful neighborhood assets.

Seeds of Hope Garden, 2870 Olney St., Martindale-Brightwood – The plan for 2010 is to terrace the front hill and plant trees, shrubs and perennials. The project will serve as a nice addition to an existing fresh vegetable garden, and will help further transform the park into an inspiring gathering place.

SEND Greenspace, Morris Street Between East Street and the Madison Avenue Overpass, Southeast Side – This project will beautify the Morris Street corridor between East Street and the Madison Avenue overpass. The landscape will include ornamental trees and shrubs and will provide a space for public art installations.

Slow Food Indy Community Garden, 801 West Washington St., White River State Park – KIB will be providing design assistance, plant material and will help build garden structures for this demonstration urban farm at White River State Park.

Windsor Park Gateway, Northeast Corner of E. 10th St. and Brookside Ave.– KIB will work with the Windsor Park Neighborhood to improve a gateway at the northeast corner of 10th and Brookside Parkway. We will plant trees, shrubs and perennials in addition to a crocus planting.

Projects for 2010 were chosen by various city and community development professionals, design professionals, and KIB donors, and will be implemented between March and November. Combined, there were almost 50 GreenSpace and Pocket Park applications received.

“Indianapolis Power & Light has been a proud and consistent supporter of KIB’s work in neighborhoods for years. Our city isn’t strong without strong neighborhoods; the community’s work with KIB creates a better city, project by project,” said Greg Fennig, VP of Community Relations for IPL.

David Forsell, President of Keep Indianapolis Beautiful, Inc. elaborated on KIB’s focus on neighborhoods. “Neighborhood leaders often have a vision for a better life, but often need a partner that can raise money, secure additional volunteers, and provide project management support. That’s where KIB comes in. Week in and week out, we work with thousands of devoted volunteers to make Indianapolis a vibrant place by improving its environment, and creating beauty and inspiration where it is sorely needed. 2010 is going to be a great year, with great projects,” said Forsell.

The IPL Project GreenSpace Program is made possible by the support of various sponsors, including the City of Indianapolis and Indianapolis Power & Light Company.
About Keep Indianapolis Beautiful, Inc.:
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