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Meet the IRC

Jean Miller, Indiana Recycling Coalition director of administration, guest blogs about the fantastic work the IRC is doing–be sure to check in all week for her posts!

Do you wish that there was more of a focus on recycling in Indiana? That we would have curbside recycling pick-up offered as part of our trash service? That recycling containers were as prevalent as trash cans? Well, there is an organization working hard to make that happen.

Since 1989, the Indiana Recycling Coalition has been advocating for and supporting support source reduction, reuse, composting, and recycling activities in Indiana. The goal of this support is to conserve our natural resources, reduce energy use, encourage environmental responsibility and create green jobs through recycling.

A few highlights of our efforts include:

  • Legislative Advocacy – From past successes such as getting Indiana’s 2009 electronics recycling law passed, to current efforts toward increasing state support for recycling infrastructure, IRC makes an impact at the Indiana State House.
  • Educational Outreach ¬ – Efforts include working with K-12 schools, promoting Recycle Bowl and RecycleMania, and managing YP’s telephone book recycling competition, Project ReDirectory.
  • Event Recycling Support – Assisting and spearheading efforts to make event recycling happen with our Lend-A-Bin program (providing containers for event recycling) and large scale efforts (SuperBowl, Indiana State Fair)
  • Recycling Resource – Our annual conference, our website, and our staff all provide current, relevant information on where and how to recycle and implement programs.

Our staff includes:
Carey Hamilton – Executive Director
Annie Hostetter – Program Manager
Jean Miller – Director of Administration

Become a Member:
We are a state-wide, non-profit organization representing concerned citizens, state and local government officials, business, industry and environmental groups. We welcome your support as a member and/or as a volunteer. Help us increase recycling opportunities, awareness and practices in Indiana. Click here to find out more, and like us on Facebook.

Starting in 2014 KIB will no longer feature recycling information on our website; that job is better suited for our friends at the Indiana Recycling Coalition. Be sure to follow the IRC posts all this week leading up to America Recycles Day on November 15!