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Mayor Ballard Declares Water Shortage Warning in Marion County

INDIANAPOLIS – Mayor Greg Ballard today issued an Executive Order declaring a Water Shortage Warning in Marion County. The Executive Order contains mandatory water use restrictions, including a ban on lawn watering. However, the mayor is still enabling people to water trees. Because KIB’s Youth Tree Team and volunteers are only available during work days and evenings, Citizens Water has made an exemption for KIB to water community trees.

The restrictions and exemptions outlined in the Executive Order take effect Friday, July 13, 2012, and apply to residents in all Marion County communities except Lawrence and Speedway, which operate their own water systems. Voluntary restrictions remain in place until the mandatory water use restrictions take effect.

KIB is mindful of the city’s current water shortage, and are paying close attention to conserve water in our work. For more information on KIB’s efforts to preserve and water trees in Indy, please

Residents should be aware during a water shortage warning, the following actions are unlawful under the Marion County Water Conservation Ordinance (Chapter 706).

  • Sprinkling, watering, or irrigating of grass;
  • Washing cars, trucks, trailers, and mobile homes except at commercial car washes (see exemptions below)
  • Washing railroad cars or any other type of mobile equipment, except as required by applicable local, state, or federal law for health or safety reasons;
  • Using water to clean sidewalks, driveways, paved areas, structures, buildings, or other outdoor surfaces;
  • Filling empty swimming pools;
  • Installing new landscaping or new lawn by using sod until return to normal conditions are declared by the mayor;
  • Using hydrants except for fire suppression or as otherwise directed by Citizen’s Energy Group; and
  • Operating water fountains that are non-recycling.

Vegetable gardens and flowers may be watered by container or hand-held hose equipped with a shutoff nozzle. It is also permissible to water trees less than five years old.

The following water users and water uses shall be exempt from the prohibitions noted above:

  • Nurseries
  • Automatic commercial car washes
  • Manual commercial car washes
  • Golf courses
  • Parks
  • Customers with wells

Water Conservation Penalties are as follows:

  • First violation in twelve-month period = $100
  • Second violation in twelve-month period = $250
  • Third violation in twelve-month period = not less than $500
  • Fourth violation in twelve-month period = up to $2500 per day per violation