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Matt Teegarden

I work as a CAD drafter/designer and technical illustrator for Thinkpath Engineering Services, a company that provides engineering support services to companies such as Cummins Diesel and Vehicle Service Group.

How long have you been volunteering with Keep Indianapolis Beautiful? 
I’ve been volunteering since June 2010 starting with the Wesley United Methodist Church Park project and have been hooked since.

Why do you choose to partner with KIB on service projects?
Back in middle school, one of our classes would have us go out and perform community service projects all over town. Mine would be at the Maysville Housing Authority assisting with the cleaning and maintenance of the grounds and community center. It was a fun experience and it felt good to help the people who lived there.

With Keep Indianapolis Beautiful, I not only get to give something to the community, but also to nature itself through tree plantings and other green aspects of the projects. Unlike the middle school service projects, KIB allows me to help beautify the entire city itself. After going to one of their green workshops, I volunteered as quickly as possible.

What impact do you feel that the work with KIB has on the community?
I feel it definitely has a positive impact. I’ve seen people pull over on their morning drives to compliment KIB’s work. I’ve watched little children scoop up small buckets of dirt or carry small rocks trying to help. Regardless of age, the projects are something a whole community can enjoy both during and after.

Any Information you would like to share? 
I am originally from Maysville, Kentucky. I moved to Greenwood, Indiana in 2008 from Saint Joseph, Michigan where I spent two years working for the Whirlpool Corporation. I graduated from Murray State University in 2006 with a bachelor’s degree in Engineering Graphics and Design.

Why would you encourage others to volunteer with KIB? 
Aside from the satisfaction of giving something to communities and nature, you can learn a lot from Keep Indianapolis Beautiful. Thanks to the staff at KIB, I’ve learned how to properly and effectively plant trees. Secondly, thanks to KIB’s partnerships with other non-profit organizations, I’ve gotten to work with organizations such as KABOOM helping build playgrounds.

Also, the projects themselves are a great workout, be it breaking a rock wall with a sledgehammer, planting trees, hauling rock, helping build a playground, etc. Honestly, I wish I’d heard about KIB earlier than I had so I could have started volunteering earlier.