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Margaret Sheehan

Tell us a little about yourself. 
I work for CEDIA – a trade association based here in Indy. I am technically in Meridian Kessler neighborhood just down from St. Joan of Arc Parish.

Keep Indianapolis Beautiful is one of the many organizations that I support because of its sustaining devotion to this city and all its inhabitants and guests. Groups like Indy Reads, Joys House, and WFYI also have my attention for many similar reasons.

Why did you first support KIB?
Many years ago, KIB was a client of mine as the Monumental Awards were hosted at the Indiana Roof Ballroom. I was afforded an insight into the integrity of the employees and the board of directors as well their passion for the KIB mission. It was infectious. I was hooked.

I moved into a challenging neighborhood in need of revitalization ten years ago and there was KIB assisting with our neighborhood clean-ups… Most appreciated. It has created great change in my area of town.

Do you have a favorite KIB experience or memory?
I live in a transitional neighborhood which borders very affluent neighborhoods. I can’t pinpoint one particular memory but I do have a great visual from tree planting in my neighborhood – an area that needs all the beautification possible – and how those trees will continue to offer shade, depth, and beauty in our neighborhood.

People like Mark Hudson and Kevin Warren are my heroes when it comes to their devotion to the actual efforts and work.

What keeps you involved?
KIB is so local it touches EVERYONE that lives here and visits here. I am proud to be affiliated with such a selfless organization that creates change that will last well after we are all gone. What other work can speak of that?

Do you have a favorite place in the city?
Love the Monon. Again, all neighborhoods benefit from this trail.

Do you have a favorite flower or tree?
You name it, I love it. Spring is the happiest time for me as the bulbs flower and Magnolia trees pop.

Complete this sentence: I keep Indianapolis beautiful by…
being a positive voice about KIB’s efforts as well as encouraging others to do the same.