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Lindsey Lord

Public Art and Artist Services Coordinator, Arts Council of Indianapolis

What neighborhood do you live in? 
Fountain Square!

What is the most inspiring place in Indianapolis? 
For me, it’s anywhere art and artists are. From a gallery show at the Harrison Center, to a play at the IRT, I draw so much encouragement from the boundless creativity found in the arts in Indianapolis. Being around creative types is the best energy boost there is.

How long have you supported Keep Indianapolis Beautiful? 
Since 2006, when I moved back to Indy.

Why do you support KIB?
I support KIB because it is an organization full of passionate do-ers who continue to make huge strides in Indy. There is a lovely ground-up (pun intended!) method to the way KIB works. They empower anyone and everyone to help make a difference in the way they are able. From a volunteer planting a tree in a park to large corporations or organizations seeking involvement on city-wide projects, both are welcome and have value. Personally, I always come away with a wonderful sense that even the smallest things I do (planting a tree, picking up trash, decorating a fence) matter in the bigger picture of keeping Indianapolis beautiful.

What impact do you feel that the work with KIB has on the community?
I think KIB makes people look at their communities differently. People who get involved go from saying “Why isn’t someone taking care of that?” to “I can do that!” and “What else can I do?”

What else are you involved in within the community? 
Definitely supporting artists and arts organizations. I love shopping at and volunteering for arts fairs and festivals. (Like Art Squared…coming up in Fountain Square on September 21st!)

Why would you encourage others to support KIB? 
KIB is the epitome of being invested in Indianapolis. They have a wonderful vision for the city that they work towards day after day. You’ve got to respect a group of people that have the patience to watch trees grow! And hey, what could be better than helping to make your community a place to be proud of?

If you were describing KIB to a friend, what three words would you use?
Go Plant Something!