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Libby Nolan

Gallery Coordinator at Wickliff & Associates

What neighborhood do you live in?
I live in the Art and Design District of Carmel.

What is the most inspiring place in Indianapolis?
Indoors: the IMA Outdoors: Coxhall Gardens!

How long have you supported Keep Indianapolis Beautiful?
I have been involved with KIB since September. I first started with KIB as the public relations intern, and now I am an adopt-a-block volunteer!

Why do you support KIB?
I support KIB because they truly care about and engage their local community. They are giving Indianapolis a more beautiful, brighter future!

What impact do you feel that the work with KIB has on the community?
KIB brings the community together through the common thread that they all have, the desire to live in a clean and thriving place! The great thing about KIB is that it makes an impact on the local environment, while also making just as much of an impact on the people living in that environment.

Why would you encourage others to support KIB? 
Supporting KIB is a great way to meet new people and make a difference in your own community!

If you were describing KIB to a friend, what three words would you use?
Passionate, engaging, and environmental!