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Kris King

Tell us a little about yourself:  I am married and have three kids. MacKensey, 12yrs, Kayla, 11yrs, and N. J., 6yrs. My husband, Jay, and I moved our family here in August from Tucson, AZ and we are getting reacquainted with the winter snow and slush. We are originally from Minnesota so are well aware of the affects of winter but are also looking forward to the other seasons, which we missed while living in the southwest.

Why did you start volunteering with Keep Indianapolis Beautiful? I heard about KIB’s programs for planting trees and recycling and I wanted to be a part of something positive, outside my home. I have a serious interest in recycling and felt with my past experience, I may have something to offer KIB.

What impact do you feel that the work has on the community? I hope that the enthusiasm I feel for the recycling project will spread to someone else and with a snowball like effect, we can promote change in our city. I would love to see Indianapolis adopt a curbside recycling program for all its citizens.

What environmental/community issue are you most committed to? At this time in my life, I am most committed to improving environmental awareness in our schools. I think that kids especially are so willing and excited about protecting our environment and will do anything they can to help out. With a little education these kids can make a huge impact. Having three kids of my own in school, I see all the small things we can do to educate them. Turning off lights, recycling, producing less waste at lunch, water conservations. There is so much we can do to affect this up and coming generation.

What is your favorite tree and/or flower? I would have to say my favorite tree is the maple. I had a huge maple tree in my backyard growing up in Minnesota. It was the best shade tree and great for climbing. I have many happy memories sitting in that maple tree.

Why would you encourage others to volunteer with KIB? I love being surrounded by the people here at KIB. If you want to be inspired and encouraged in your effort to improve our quality of life then you will love volunteering with KIB.