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Keep Indianapolis Beautiful will begin taking applications for the upcoming project season

INDIANAPOLIS – (July 29, 2010) Keep Indianapolis Beautiful, Inc. (KIB) is gearing up for the upcoming planting season by offering a number of opportunities for neighborhoods and schools in Marion County to have an impact in their community. The application process for many of KIB’s programs will draw to a close at the end of August. Applicants are encouraged to submit requests before the 2010 deadline to ensure their part in revitalizing their community and greening their neighborhoods and schools.

“KIB looks to not only beautify your city but to also build a stronger community, that is why we look for a strategic maintenance plan in all of the applications that we receive. We know the importance of a cleaner and greener community, but we want to make sure all of the projects that we complete are cared for and cultivated for years to come,” said Phil G. D. Schaefer, Vice President of Programs with KIB.

KIB has collaborated with many community organizations, neighborhoods, schools and businesses to transform and beautify The Circle City through a variety of programs, including:

IPL Project GreenSpace: In partnership with Indianapolis Power & Light Company (IPL) and the City of Indianapolis, KIB helps neighborhoods, schools, churches, and other community-based organizations create beautiful places from vacant lots, old parking lots, medians, and other little used areas. These grants are ‘project management’ grants, meaning that KIB provides the plant material, tools, and project management expertise while the applicant provides volunteers to do the work. Through IPL Project GreenSpace, sites throughout Indianapolis are transformed into pocket parks,gatewaysurban gardens, and public art. These efforts help to build community pride, and add value to neighborhoods across Indianapolis. The deadline to apply for an IPL Project GreenSpace grant isAugust 13, 2010. To apply with your neighborhood or community group or learn more visit,

KIB Clubs: Once known as Project GreenSchools, this joint effort with Purdue Extension-Marion County, has recently been revamped with the addition of a 3-year partnership between KIB and the school or youth serving organization, and a requirement to involve the community in the project. KIB Clubs provides ‘hands on’ opportunities for students in tree plantings, creating wildlife habitats, gardens, litter abatement, recycling, and other environmental projects. Participants are also encouraged to explore and understand challenges in the urban environment and to learn how to care for and improve their community. This program will be accepting applications until August 27, 2010; however, only six grants will be awarded for the 2010 planting season. Applications are available on our website at

 In addition to these programs, KIB’s NeighborWoods initiative ( has helped to plant more than 18,000 trees in Indianapolis since the program’s announcement nearly four years ago. An urban forestry effort to strategically plant 100,000 trees throughout Marion County by 2017, this program helps to reduce crime, decrease pollution, and raise property value throughout our city, all by planting trees. Applications for NeighborWoods’s Tree Plantings are being accepted until November 1, 2010 for the spring 2011 plantings.

KIB works in the community to unite people through building a more sustainable and aesthetically pleasing environment, for an overview on all of the programs that KIB offers, please visit our website at

About Keep Indianapolis Beautiful, Inc.

Keep Indianapolis Beautiful, Inc. (KIB) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to engaging neighborhoods in environmental and community improvement projects throughout the city of Indianapolis. Last year, over 40,000 volunteers participated in KIB projects around the city. The mission of Keep Indianapolis Beautiful, Inc. is to unite people to build community and transform public spaces through aesthetic and environmental improvement. To learn more, visit