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Keep Indianapolis Beautiful takes efforts to combat severe drought conditions

INDIANAPOLIS – (June 27, 2012) Keep Indianapolis Beautiful (KIB) announced today that they have implemented a four-pronged approached to insure survivability of the cities trees. Combating the continued lack of rain and rise temperatures, KIB has done a number of things to make sure trees are being cared for and the public is informed.

  • Weekly watering notifications: Visitors to the KIB homepage can see weekly reminders and tips for watering. Through a color coded notification system visitors will be able to know immediately the conditions for watering, and ways to ensure trees that have been planted in the last five years are cared for properly. Additionally, notifications will also be sent through Facebook and Twitter, encouraging residents to Tweet @kibiorg with the hashtag #thirstytrees or send a message on Facebook about watering efforts.
  • Volunteer watering crews: Opportunities are currently available ( to assist KIB in watering trees during this drought season, every Wednesday evening from 6-8pm at various sites around Indy; additional days and times may be added in the future.
  • Summer youth employment: KIB’s Youth Tree Team, is a summer program to employ Indy youth to water and maintain trees all over the city. This year, 85 have been selected. In addition to their regular schedule (Monday-Thursday), the Youth Tree Team will spend Friday’s watering in morning and afternoon crews—currently watering over 3,800 trees each week.
  • Staff watering crews: KIB’s staff will be out in the field watering trees in public spaces. In addition to the Wednesday volunteer opportunities, staff will water with the help of paid contractors during week days.

Because of the urgent need to increase the watering of trees, KIB is investing more resources into watering. With temperatures projected into the 100s later this week; insuring the livability of trees that have been planted in the past few years is the main concern at the moment. Donations to KIB’s NeighborWoods program will help keep trees alive during these summer months, with the unforeseen drought conditions.

“We need to make sure the trees in the ground are being cared for properly with the extreme weather,” said Andrew Hart, director of Urban Forestry with Keep Indianapolis Beautiful. “Right now our main concern is for the trees that we have planted in the past few years and insuring that they survive to provide a substantial tree canopy for the city.”

To learn more about KIB’s watering efforts, volunteer to join a watering crew, or donate to help water trees; please visit

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