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Joanna Nixon

Vice President of Grantmaking, Central Indiana Community Foundation

Why did you start volunteering with us?
Several years ago while camping in southern Indiana I was appalled by the amount of trash floating in Ohio River near our campsite. During a short hike along the river I counted over 50 tires, 2 refrigerators, 10 coolers and hundreds of plastic bottles floating in the water. It was on that hike, I made a commitment to do what I could to reduce litter and increase the recycling efforts in my own community. As a result of that experience I joined Keep Indianapolis Beautiful’s Adopt-a-Block program and the Event Recycling Team. The Adopt-a-Block program is so important because it gets neighborhood residents engaged in keeping their neighborhoods clean and beautiful. Well maintained neighborhoods help to increase property values, reduce crime, and contribute to the vibrancy of a city which helps to attract new residents, tourists and businesses.

What environmental/community issues are you most committed to? 
Recycling: Decreasing the amount of recyclable waste that goes into landfills, increasing awareness about recycling and recycling opportunities. Beautification: Increasing the vibrancy of Indianapolis by reducing litter and increasing the number of flowers and trees in our neighborhoods.

What was your favorite experience volunteering with KIB this year? 
In August of this year I helped launch SOLAR, a young professional membership group of Keep Indianapolis Beautiful. SOLAR was created to engage young professionals who are concerned about the environment and helping further the mission of Keep Indianapolis Beautiful. In 2009, SOLAR will host a number of events for members that will include environmental education, cool behind-the-scenes tours, fun social events and hands-on volunteer opportunities. For more information about SOLAR go to

Why would you encourage others to volunteer with KIB? 
Keep Indianapolis Beautiful is an amazing organization and they make volunteering easy and fun. They have so many opportunities for individuals, families and corporations who are interested in making a difference and helping the environment. Whether you are interested in recycling, beautification, or clean-ups, Keep Indianapolis Beautiful will find something that matches your interests and time availability.