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IPL Project GreenSpace: Indian Creek Reading Park

10833 East 56th Street, Lawrence

Indian Creek

This very active environmentally oriented school has a huge natural play area and plantings behind the school. They have done amazing things with this area in the past 10 years. They also want to add a fruit orchard and community garden area. But this project is for a quiet reading space in front of the school, near the front door so that it adds beauty to the front of the school, and allows a class to be outside for more quiet activities and not be disturbed by all the activity behind the school.

The design by Craig Flandermeyer create small seatwall nooks that 1-5 children can use as a small outdoor study or classroom area. An arbor over a patio creates a slightly larger area for gathering, and trees will provide shade as they grow. There is also a rain garden in the center both for function and for education.