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Holly Bolton

Holly Bolton, CPSM
Director of Marketing, CE Solutions

Holly and her husband, Jamie, moved to Indianapolis from Kansas City, Mo., in 2003. Holly has a bachelor of science in public relations from the University of Central Missouri in Warrensburg, Mo., which is her hometown.  Holly recently answered some questions for us on why she volunteers with KIB.

How long have you been volunteering with Keep Indianapolis Beautiful?  In 2004, I started out as a member of the public relations committee for A Monumental Affair, KIB’s multi-disciplinary awards program that recognizes excellence in the built and natural environment in Marion County. Categories include architecture, construction, engineering, interior design, innovative reuse, landscape architecture, public art, and community and downtown development.

Why did you start volunteering with us?  I was approached to become a volunteer through my involvement with the Indiana chapter of the Society for Marketing Professional Services. The chapter helps KIB with the planning, promotion and implementation of A Monumental Affair. It was a great way for me to use my background in PR and the architecture/engineering/construction industry to give back to a great organization and contribute to a meaningful event.

What do you get out of volunteering?  Since getting involved in A Monumental Affair, I’ve served as PR chair, sponsorship chair and awards chair. This year, I’m steering committee chair. On a professional level, this has allowed me to gain experience and develop skills in other areas. On a personal level, it’s fulfilling to support the efforts of KIB, and I’ve built relationships with some wonderful people in the process.

What impact do you feel that the work has on the community?  By rewarding the achievements of contributions to the fabric of our city, we are advancing Indianapolis as a leader and making it a more vibrant, beautiful place that we can all take pride in. In addition, A Monumental Affair engages and brings together multiple sanctioning organizations and disciplines. This collaboration fosters creativity and progress.

What was your favorite experience volunteering with KIB this year?  An exciting addition to A Monumental Affair this year is the (re)thINk award. Initiated and sanctioned by the US Green Building Council of Indiana, it highlights significant achievements in sustainable design and construction. While the awards have included an emphasis on rewarding sustainable efforts in years past, the new (re)thINk award will reward a project specifically for its attention to environmental impact. Each year, my favorite aspect of A Monumental Affair is the idea-generating stage and the results that come from brilliant, inspirational people. I’ve really enjoyed collaborating with the steering committee, our PR committee, KIB, and USGBC as we have generated ideas around the category, this year’s focus on sustainability, and the sessions we’ll be hosting the day of the event. In addition to the awards ceremony the evening of Nov. 18, we’ll be holding a series of programs that afternoon. Stay tuned for more information!

What is your favorite tree and/or flower? Why?  For trees, I love maples because of their color in the fall. For flowers, I like all of them, so the ones that are easy to maintain are my favorites.

Tell us about an “unknown talent” that you have:   Since we’re talking about plants and flowers… I took a horticulture class in high school and learned how to make pretty good flower arrangements.

Why would you encourage others to volunteer with KIB?  When it comes to making a difference on a local level, KIB is a great organization to be involved in. Through its mission and vision, KIB’s efforts create pride in our community and foster a ripple effect that impacts many areas, from vibrancy to sustainability to safety. In addition, the staff is a great source of inspiration. And, it’s fun!