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Greg Henneke

Executive Vice President, American Structurepoint, Inc.

What neighborhood do you live in? 
Downtown/Mass Ave

What is the most inspiring place in Indianapolis? 
I am inspired by the many cultural offerings in Indianapolis ranging from the IMA and the many galleries along Mass Ave to the Music at the Murat and the Cabaret at the Columbia Club.

How long have you supported Keep Indianapolis Beautiful? 
About 10 years

Why do you support KIB? 
KIB represents much of what is great about the City of Indianapolis. Its unwavering commitment to the betterment of our community, as well as the dedication and passion of its leadership and staff, embody the “spirit” of our fine city.

What impact do you feel that the work with KIB has on the community? 
A stunning example of KIB in action is the recent Lilly Day of Service on which KIB mobilized 9,000 of Lilly’s employees and other to shut down I-70 for a massive beautification project that will showcase our city to visitors and residents alike for years to come.

As the current Program Manager for RebuildIndy, I am privileged to see the wonderful things KIB does on a daily basis. Their partnership with the City is certainly unique around the State and is a great blueprint for communities all over the country.