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George Dresbach

How long have you been volunteering with Keep Indianapolis Beautiful? 
I have been volunteering with KIB since the spring of 2009.

Why/how have you incorporated service into the objectives of your company/association?
I am a lifelong resident of the state of Indiana and I feel I have a commitment to give back to the community. I am retired.

Why do you choose to partner with KIB on service projects?
I want to be active and busy, and meet new people, and help green my city

What impact do you feel that the work with KIB has on the community?
My work with KIB enhances the quality of life in my neighborhood.

Information you would like to share about your family and/or background (schooling, hometown, spouse/partner, children, etc)? 
I have family roots to farming in Muncie, Indiana.

Why would you encourage others to volunteer with KIB? 
KIB is a worthwhile organization and deserves great praise for its work.