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Full Blown Productions

Tell us a little about yourself. 
There are 4 of us at Full Blown Productions who work and contribute to KIB efforts during the year. Brandon Spitz, James Panighetti, my partner, Kristen Smith and myself, Randy Kinsley. We all live in Indianapolis, from the Fountain Square neighborhood, to Watson-McCord and just east of Broad-Ripple. We are all passionate about video production and have all made it our life’s work.

Why did you first support KIB? 
To give back. To pay it forward so to speak, considering KIB does so much for the city. We all enjoy video and what better way to contribute some of our time and enjoy what we do at the same time.

Do you have a favorite KIB experience or memory? 
The Lilly Day of service along I70 and the results that followed!

What keeps you involved? 
Seeing the change that is happening to Indianapolis. We don’t have vast mountains or oceans to attract visitors and those thinking of re-locating. What better way than to work hard with the resources that we do have and make the city of Indianapolis all that it can be. If Full Blown Productions can help with that, it is our pleasure to contribute in some small part. After all, we live here too!

Do you have a favorite place in the city? 
Full Blown Productions is located in the historic Stutz Business Center, less than a block from the north end and start of the canal downtown. We have all, at one time or another, welcomed in spring during lunch breaks. Between the explosions of color that heralds spring and the waterfowl that start inhabiting the area, to the increase of foot traffic, it is a site to see.

Do you have a favorite flower or tree? 
The dogwoods in bloom along Fletcher are pretty breathtaking every spring.