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Every Litter Bit Helps

As winter and all of this snow melts way, all our accumulated litter appears–gross!

If you’re like me, you have a litter “pet peeve.” Mine is a littered site I see each morning on my way to work, a corner that’s been hit hard.  It looks like the Litter Bug(ger) has been busy while we’ve been hibernating….

Well, KIB gives you the excuse you need to do something about it! 

During the month of April, KIB asks you to be part of our biggest volunteer event of the year,  the April Great Indy Cleanup and fill a bag with litter.  We’ll even provide you with the trash bag and a pair of gloves to do it!  Visit any Indianapolis Public Library location any day in April to sign up to make a difference and receive your supplies, because Every Litter Bit Helps, you know!