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Ellen Robinson

Retired: Associate Information Consultant at Eli Lilly& Co

How long have you been volunteering with Keep Indianapolis Beautiful? 
In my current capacity, for about 2 years. Prior to that I helped out with plantings and cleanups off and on for about 4 years.

Why do you choose to volunteer with KIB?
I love KIB’s mission and I felt a strong bond between KIB and the downtown neighborhoods – which means a lot to me, a longtime downtowner.

What impact do you feel that the work with KIB has on the community? 
It brings beauty to the entire city of Indianapolis and brings out the generosity and volunteer spirit of the community.

Tell us a little about yourself:
When I first moved to Indianapolis in 1980, I moved right into a downtown neighborhood and raised my two children there. My son now lives in Atlanta and my daughter lives here in Indianapolis (downtown of course!).

Why would you encourage others to volunteer with KIB? 
The more volunteers KIB can engage the greater the total contribution to the city. And the KIB people are special – great to work with! KIB thinks big and needs the help of all their neighbors to reach their goals.