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Don Arbogast

Tell us a little about yourself.
I grew up in Indy, my wife Lisa and I have three wonderful children, Josie, Audrey, and Clark, and Macy the dog. My family lives in Midtown Indy, in the Meridian Kessler Neighborhood. I work for a great company called Gregory & Appel Insurance.

Why did you first support KIB?
Years ago, when I first heard about KIB, from a newspaper article I think, I remember being so excited to find out about an organization that shared my views about trying to make Indy a better, cleaner, prettier, place to live. So I sent them a check. Then someone from KIB actually called me and thanked me for sending money. I thought “wow, those guys are pretty humble, I like that.”

Do you have a favorite KIB program?
I have several favorite programs, but it is the fact that KIB provides a strong voice and steady pressure across all of the various government agencies that affect Indianapolis (not just City, but State and Federal agencies too) to make the commitment and the investment, to do the right thing regarding our environment, that I think is most important.

What keeps you involved?
The aspect about KIB that continues to keep me attracted is the constant, steady, effort that KIB has demonstrated over the years. So many “good causes” come and go that it is sometimes hard to get behind them. The sustainability of KIB’s effort should really be applauded.

Do you have a favorite place in the city?
I have several favorite places in the City; walking the Canal Path, hiking the trails and exploring the creek in Marott Park with my buddies Clark and Audrey, mountain biking at Towne Run Trail, and the pond and bell tower at Butler University. But my number one favorite is the beautiful little trail that runs through the woods along the east side of the White River between Kessler Blvd and the Riviera Club. Two Red Foxes ran across the trail just in front of me last summer, and I’m not sure who was more surprised, them or me.

Do you have a favorite flower or tree?
I have two favorite trees. In the summer, I love the huge Oaks in my neighborhood, but during the winter I am drawn to any Evergreen I can see. In fact, I really think we should be planting more Evergreens of all varieties here in Indy. I am not sure where KIB stands on Evergreens, but I would like to know.

Complete this sentence: I keep Indianapolis beautiful
by trying to set a good example of being a good steward of the City; whether it is stopping to pick up some litter in the parking lot, or donating money to KIB, I just try to do the right thing.