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Devington GreenSpace

IPL Project GreenSpace is grassroots driven and works to revitalize and restore the functionality and beauty in public spaces. Keep Indianapolis Beautiful (KIB) brings together their NeighborWoods and Adopt-A-Block programs to create pocket parks and greenspaces to empower neighbors who want to improve their community.

Today, KIB and volunteers finish up an IPL GreenSpace Project at the corner of Arlington Avenue and Staughton Drive in Devington. By using vibrant art and nature, the new bus shelter and surrounding greenspace will transform the way residents feel about public transportation. The completion of this project will showcase the tremendous effort put in to restore neighborhood beauty. KIB established partnerships with Indianapolis Power &Light Co. Devington Communities Association, Arlington High School, BWI Development & Management, Inc., Department of Public Works, IndyGo, People for Urban Progress and w/Purpose Urban + Public Design, and volunteers who worked on a variety of different projects. Project partners worked to create a new pad, pour new concrete, install new seating, apply vinyl graphic to the windows of the bus shelter and grow native plants.

“The environment in which you live has a direct impact on quality of life,” said Greg Fennig, IPL Vice Present. The smallest alterations can create great beauty that brings together neighbors, families and friends. KIB is constantly working to build upon the principles of “sense of place.” When transforming these greenspaces, KIB’s goal is to create a place with identity and character that can be felt by local inhabitants and visitors.

This is a grant-based program and the application deadline is close arriving on July 9. Click here to learn more about the application process or contact Joe Jarzen (, KIB’s Communtiy Engagement Coordinator.

Visit to learn more about KIB’s IPL Project GreenSpace.