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Counting the Days Until Spring

This polar vortex is just the worst!

Between the snow and very cold temperatures (not to mention the lack of bread on the grocery store shelves—really people, its snow not the end of days) many people in central Indiana are thinking about driving conditions and freezing pipes. At KIB we’re also thinking about your neighbors; not the folks who live next to you in that cute craftsman, but your trees.

As we witness 60-mile winds and heavy snow loads causing failures of tree branches and in some cases even entire trees, it doesn’t look good for our leafy friends.

The snow and cold have me thinking of salt and bugs (stick with me here). As much as we hate the super cold, bugs hate it even more. Especially the Emerald Ash Borer. You know this guy, he’s been killing that Ash tree in your front yard—and all of Sahm Park. So while as much as it pains me to add another layer to my outdoor attire, if it means a slower spread of EAB here in Indy I’m happy to do it. Check out this article about the effects of the super cold on EAB in Minnesota.

So what about that deicing salt on the city streets? Sure it makes the commute a tad easier, but it’s playing havoc on landscape plants. Check out this great article from our friends at Purdue on symptoms to look out for, and tips for protecting your plants—burlap shrub parka anyone?

Just think, 51 days until Spring….