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Create an Outdoor Classroom at Your School Through KIB’s GreenKids Program

Did you know the average American child spends 7.5 hours per day in front of a screen? That’s over 2,737 hours (yikes!) a year that kids spend indoors with their eyes are glued to televisions, computers, tablets and smart phones. Keep Indianapolis Beautiful hopes to counter this growing epidemic through our GreenKids Program—a multi-year partnership where KIB will help schools … Read more

What a KIB Volunteer Taught Me

On my second day with KIB, I got to participate in the Fountain Square Neighborhood Cleanup. When both sun and temperatures were high and the group was seriously sweating from all the action, I asked one of our teams if anyone wanted to help me use our wheelbarrow to bring fellow volunteers water.  Without hesitation, a young volunteer, named Destiny … Read more

School’s Out for Summer!

Being hired in April as the new Keep Indianapolis Beautiful KIB Clubs Coordinator, I was eager to start working with our five partner schools before the students left for summer vacation.  After some standard onboarding (administrative forms, a welcome lunch, facility tours, etc) and some not-so-standard procedures (fleet training aka driving a F-350 dump truck!!), I was ready to spend … Read more

Driving with a Trailer: Learning to Roll with it

Amy Shackelford is one of the 2016 KIB Youth Tree Team leaders. The Youth Tree Team (YTT) works to preserve and maintain the trees KIB plants through our Community Forestry program. YTT seeks to promote professionalism, respect, personal and environmental responsibility, and teamwork in today’s high school students. I consider myself a smart and safe driver.  I even enjoy parallel parking … Read more

What’s the Buzz about Carpenter Bees?

Kristen Hidding is a member of the 2016 Urban Naturalist Program. She graduated from Butler University in Spring 2016 with a degree in Biology. As a part of the Urban Naturalist team, Kristen has the opportunity to work on a variety of green-job inspired projects while tending to Indy’s native landscape.  We hear a lot about honey bees and see pictures of fat, … Read more