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Watering Crews on the Move

It’s that time of year again! Summer is quickly approaching. That means we are reaching the end of planting season, and diving quickly into watering season. We have over 50,000 trees planted this summer with the help from our awesome volunteers and funders, of course. With a number like that, KIB contracts outside watering crews to help water the trees … Read more

Watering Alert: Week of August 13, 2014

NORMAL: Marion County received less than the recommended 1-inch of rainfall but everything is normal! Indianapolis received rainfall in small quantities over the past week leading to less than 1-inch, or 15 gallons, of rainfall accumulation. Since your trees are still thirsty, we recommend watering this week! Keep your trees happy and healthy by watering your young trees every week … Read more

Watering Alert: Week of August 6, 2014

  DRY: Indianapolis received less than the recommended amount of rainfall this past week so make sure to water your trees!   Marion County received less than a 1/2-inch of rainfall this past week. The recommended amount of rainfall for a tree younger than 5-years of age is 1-inch, or 15 gallons. Make sure to keep watering so your trees stay … Read more

Watering Alert: Week of July 23, 2014

  Normal: Indianapolis received over the recommended 1-inch of rainfall. Marion County received over 1-inch of rainfall this morning with more in the forecast for this week, therefore no watering is needed. Keep in mind, trees under 5 years of age require about 15 gallons of water every week to thrive! Tweet @kibiorg with the hashtag #thirstytrees or send us a message on Facebook to let us … Read more

Watering Alert: Week of July 16, 2014

DRY: Indianapolis did not receive the recommended 1-inch of rainfall. Indianapolis was dry and hot this past week, only receiving a small amount of rainfall. Watering this week is recommended-trees under 5 years of age who will need 15 gallons to thrive. Warm days are in the forecast with a slight possibility of rain towards the weekend. Be on the lookout … Read more