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David Starr

Occupation/Company/Organization/Position: I work for Roche Diagnostics as Regional Supply Chain Manager. What neighborhood do you live in? I grew up on the East Side of Indianapolis in Emerson Heights and I’m currently in the process of transitioning to the Chatham Arch neighborhood.  What is the most inspiring place in Indianapolis? The downtown area is very inspirational to me.  Over the … Read more

Brandon Sturdivant

Occupation: High School Student Why do you support KIB?  I support KIB because I really love the feeling of helping others. This organization is unique for me because it allows me to work with the environment around us. I have had an urge to volunteer for positive “green” pursuits for years and KIB provides a perfect outlet for just that. … Read more

Laurie Klinger

Occupation: Landlord Organization: Springdale Neighborhood Association Position: Chair of KIB Springdale Greenspace at the Nowland Oak committee What neighborhood do you live in? Springdale What is the most inspiring place in Indianapolis? For me, the most inspiring places in Indianapolis are the beautiful parks that border our Near Eastside neighborhoods – Spades and Brookside Parks.  I walk them every day … Read more

Greg Gerke

Occupation/Company/Organization/Position: Senior Ecologist, Civil Site Group (Engineering Company): I am the lead ecologist for a local engineering firm that works with landowners to develop property. We work with developers, solid waste facilities, farmers, non-profits, government agencies, other consultants, etc. to make a positive impact on their projects. What neighborhood do you live in? I live in Traders Point. What is … Read more

Tim Shaffer

Occupation/Company/Organization/Position: Data Analyst at Customs and Border Protection What neighborhood do you live in? Fall Creek Place What is the most inspiring place in Indianapolis? White River State Park. Because it is probably the best indicator that you can mix work space, home space, and play space in one area in a visually stunning manner. How long have you volunteered … Read more