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Seven Secrets to Keep Indianapolis Beautiful’s Success

I’m on a Southwest Flight to Washington D.C. today. Ever notice their logo? A heart is at the center. As I prepared to speak to a conference of 1,000 millennials about social entrepreneurship and the urban environment, I built a list of ten or twelve top of mind reasons that have been “secrets” to KIB’s growth and long-term success. When … Read more

Chinquapin Oak Park

In 2012, 296 years after it was planted, Chris Hartley noticed a tree. Hartley, then president of the Springdale Neighborhood Association, discovered that this neighborhood giant was on a lot slated for demolition. Working with Keep Indianapolis Beautiful, Inc., Hartley was able to protect the Chinquapin Oak as the city moved forward with clearing the lot. Four years later, in … Read more

Biking to Work

  Part of my hazing as a new employee of Keep Indianapolis Beautiful was being tasked with the thoroughly delightful job of riding a bicycle. Last week was National Bike to Work Week, and I embraced it fully. Though I had more things on my checklist before work, my mornings felt longer, and I felt more relaxed throughout the day. … Read more

A Brief History of BRAG

by BRAG Resident Kim Mathews about the beginnings of BRAG.  Led by founder and the first president, Jane Lommel, Binford Redevelopment and Growth, Inc. (BRAG) began in April 2005 when hundreds of concerned citizens met to discuss the blight in the area.  June saw the first official BRAG meeting – where residents met to discuss strategy – and by October, … Read more

Great Indy Cleanup 2017: BRAG Neighborhood

by BRAG resident Chris Dossman about how BRAG was selected to be the focus neighborhood for Great Indy Cleanup 2017 I love my city and I especially love my neighborhood.  It saddens me to see all of the trash piling up along our streets, sidewalks and greenspace. Cleaning it up has become my passion (Just call me the Trash Lady). If … Read more