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KIB in the News: I am an American, Mari Aviles

Mari Aviles has worked for KIB as a Community Arborist for the past six months where she truly believes and lives the KIB mission of connecting people to nature so both thrive. Mari was recently featured in USA Today’s “I am an American” series. The series showcases individuals across the country seeking to unite their communities and we couldn’t be more … Read more

What a KIB Volunteer Taught Me

On my second day with KIB, I got to participate in the Fountain Square Neighborhood Cleanup. When both sun and temperatures were high and the group was seriously sweating from all the action, I asked one of our teams if anyone wanted to help me use our wheelbarrow to bring fellow volunteers water.  Without hesitation, a young volunteer, named Destiny … Read more

Seven Secrets to Keep Indianapolis Beautiful’s Success

I’m on a Southwest Flight to Washington D.C. today. Ever notice their logo? A heart is at the center. As I prepared to speak to a conference of 1,000 millennials about social entrepreneurship and the urban environment, I built a list of ten or twelve top of mind reasons that have been “secrets” to KIB’s growth and long-term success. When … Read more

Joan Marsden

Occupation/Company/Organization/Position: Retired Lilly, biochemical manufacturing What neighborhood do you live in? Forest Manor, 51 years; originally from Canada, St. Johns, New Brunswick What is the most inspiring place in Indianapolis?  Downtown because there is so much going on. Visiting the zoo and museums now with a great-grandchild to feed the ducks. How long have you supported Keep Indianapolis Beautiful? I’ve been … Read more

Wheelbarrows: The Unsung Heroes of KIB

As I’ve sorted through hundreds of Keep Indianapolis Beautiful pictures from over the years, I’ve noticed a common thread: Wheelbarrows. These one wheeled, two legged beauties are everywhere in project photos, carrying shovels, flowers, and dirt. Here’s a look back at some of the wheelbarrows of KIB. Here’s a KIB Wheelbarrow assisting with a flower giveaway for our Adopt – … Read more