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Joan Marsden

Occupation/Company/Organization/Position: Retired Lilly, biochemical manufacturing What neighborhood do you live in? Forest Manor, 51 years; originally from Canada, St. Johns, New Brunswick What is the most inspiring place in Indianapolis?  Downtown because there is so much going on. Visiting the zoo and museums now with a great-grandchild to feed the ducks. How long have you supported Keep Indianapolis Beautiful? I’ve been … Read more

Wheelbarrows: The Unsung Heroes of KIB

As I’ve sorted through hundreds of Keep Indianapolis Beautiful pictures from over the years, I’ve noticed a common thread: Wheelbarrows. These one wheeled, two legged beauties are everywhere in project photos, carrying shovels, flowers, and dirt. Here’s a look back at some of the wheelbarrows of KIB. Here’s a KIB Wheelbarrow assisting with a flower giveaway for our Adopt – … Read more

The Kids of Fletcher Place

Talk about the next generation of environmental stewards!  The kids of Fletcher Place Neighborhood have formed their own association and are already knocking projects out of the park. My fellow Keep Indianapolis Beautiful colleague Ned and I were honored to be invited to their most recent monthly meeting. We asked them why they formed this association. “We want a say … Read more

Raising Queens Initiative Hosts Community Service Impact Day

Did you know Keep Indianapolis Beautiful provides resources for community cleanups from April through October? Well, we do! And we love hearing stories like this one from our amazing community groups. — The rain was no match for the determination of the Raising Queens Initiative who sponsored a Community Service Impact Day to clean up the Wheeler-Dowe Boys and Girls … Read more

Back-to-School: Learning + Greening + KIBing + Internship-ing

Students of all ages are making their way back to school, which means one thing at KIB: The fall planting season is nearly here! But seriously, summer is really great. We get to do plenty of wonderful things like count the pollinators all over our favorite native blooms, paint structures in community greenspaces straight out of Alice in Wonderland, structurally prune … Read more