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A Guide to Earth Week 2017 with KIB

It’s here! It’s here! It’s really here!! Earth Week is finally upon us and we have SO much going on this week. Here’s a little run down of all the ways Keep Indianapolis Beautiful is celebrating and how you can get involved to party for our planet. Monday: We’re kicking off the week with a work day at the River West Triangle. … Read more

Rouge Tree: Drones in Urban Forestry

I attended a very cool seminar at the 2016 Partners in Community Forestry Conference about the recent use of drone technology in the field of urban forestry. The seminar was presented by Dan Staley, of Analemma Resources LLC. Staley covered a variety of topics regarding drone use in urban forestry, including the current legal situation, the current capabilities of drone … Read more

Go Green, Go Woodruff Gardening Team!

Meredith Brickell is a long-time adopt-a-block captain in Woodruff Place. She was recently featured in a NextCity article about her efforts to address blight on the near east side. Learn more about this great community leader and local artist at ——- Tessie Lloyd-Jones jump started Phase 2 of the Woodruff Place Backyard project when she established the Gardening Team … Read more

#OptOutside this Black Friday with KIB!

Abby Dolan is KIB’s new PR intern and a senior at Butler University studying Marketing and International Business. In her free time, she enjoys ice cream sandwiches, meeting new dogs, and bike rides along the Central Canal towpath.  A year ago, our friends at REI did something different for Black Friday – they decided to shut the co-op’s doors and … Read more

John Gunther, some motivated ladies and Bill Hudnut…

It was John Gunther, an American journalist most known for his work Inside USA that wrote these words about Indianapolis in 1947: a “raw, dirty and unkempt city…” A city, Gunther wrote, travelers should avoid, really, as they made their way through the Midwest. In the 1960’s and ’70’s, civically minded women calling themselves the Keep Indiana Beautiful Club began … Read more