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Moorehead Communications

What neighborhood do you live in? Our corporate office is located in Carmel, Indiana. Why do you support KIB? KIB is such an amazing organization. It is truly inspiring how much work they put into the community to, quite literally, keep Indianapolis beautiful. To be able to help with landscaping programs and initiatives is such a wonderful way to keep … Read more

Nathan & Sam Walsh

Occupation/Company/Organization/Position: I am a 2nd grader at IPS Butler Lab School, and my brother Sam is a preschooler at St. Joan of Arc. We are entrepreneurs with Lemonade Day, and our stand this year was called “The Green Side of Lemonade.” It was made completely out of reusables and recyclables. We want to educate people about recycling, and we are … Read more

Kate Herrod

Occupation/Company/Organization/Position: Virtual Assistant for Banyan Investment Group What neighborhood do you live in? I grew up just south of downtown off of Troy and Meridian, I went to IU Bloomington for 4 years, moved to Atlanta, GA for 2 years, and I now live on the Southside of Indianapolis close to Stop 11 and Five Points-unsure what neighborhood you consider … Read more

Ruth Shaw

Occupation/Company/Organization/Position: Community Advocate What neighborhood do you call home? NESCO What is the most inspiring place in Indianapolis? St. Clair Place neighborhood How long have you supported Keep Indianapolis Beautiful? Since it started, nearly 40 years ago! Why do you support KIB? KIB helps us do what we do much better and with more fun. What impact do you feel … Read more

Sam Carpenter

Occupation/Company/Organization/Position: Executive Director of Global Gifts, Inc. How long have you supported Keep Indianapolis Beautiful? Global Gifts has supported KIB for at least 6 years. Why do you support KIB? KIB is a wonderful community resource and helps to provide the kind of community we want to live in. We share their passion for creating a sustainable environment and empowering … Read more