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Brenda Rising-Moore

Congratulations to Brenda Rising-Moore for being featured in our August 2009 Donor Spotlight!

Brenda is co-owner of the Union Jack Pub-Broad Ripple, an English Pub that will be celebrating our 30 year anniversary next month (Sept.’09). As one of the “originals” in the Village, her business has seen many changes throughout the years. She enjoys working with her neighbors in an ongoing charette called Envision Broad Ripple, to find solutions to the ongoing issues.

Brenda is also a founding member of Green Broad Ripple, Inc., a 501(c)(3) dedicated to the
“greening” of Broad Ripple Village. The group has assessed flooding issues in local alleys,
installing a rain garden to display the benefits of storm water returning to the aquifers rather than
flooding storm sewers (that too often pushes flood sanitary sewer overflow into our rivers). They
have also implemented the first glass recycling co-op on the city block known as Broad Ripple
Square. Ten restaurants share in capturing 8-9 tons of glass per month to be remanufactured into bottles and building supplies. The group also planted several urban gardens and hopes to begin the first mass composting program within the next year.

Married with three adult children, Brenda and her husband, Gary P. Price, delight in the splendid
continuation of life called grandchildren. Brenda recently answered some questions for us,
below, about her involvement with KIB.

Why did you first support KIB?
I became aware of KIB while researching a glass recycling solution for my restaurant. I was given great assistance from Lisa Laflin, the recycling coordinator at DPW and Tammy Stevens of KIB. Through that relationship, I worked as an Event Recycling volunteer at Indy 500 Carburetion Day, Broad Ripple Art Fair and the annual WFYI Wine Tasting event. Doing community service probably shouldn’t be this much fun!

Do you have a favorite KIB experience or memory?
My favorite KIB memory was Carb Day, when Tammy Stevens pulled up in a golf cart at dusk to retrieve me…it was time to wrap things up. I was reluctant to stop, wanting to completely clear my designated area when Tammy said “drop the can and get in the cart…we can’t save them all, Brenda.” We laughed so hard about the dangers of inviting an obsessive/compulsive to join the Event Recycling Team. Since then my motto has become “I do what I can.”

What keeps you involved?
I have never been so impressed with a non-profit as I am with KIB. The people at KIB have an amazing vision for our city and the apparent ability to follow through on implementation. KIB has garnered strong partnerships within our community while proving they are the best partners to have when you want to get something done right.

Do you have a favorite place in the city?
Without hesitation, I can state my favorite place in the city is Broad Ripple Village. Thirty years ago our Village was somewhat blighted, suffering from business flight to the shopping malls. Through the years, we have come back stronger, offering fabulous amenities to our neighbors and visitors, working to be a model in sustainability with a sense of community I am proud to be a part of. More simply stated…a true Village that continues to present an array of possibilities for future development.

Do you have a favorite flower or tree?
No favorites, I just love all things green and growing.

Complete this sentence: I keep Indianapolis beautiful because… 
I believe firmly we must walk gently on the Earth.