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John Gunther, some motivated ladies and Bill Hudnut…

It was John Gunther, an American journalist most known for his work Inside USA that wrote these words about Indianapolis in 1947: a “raw, dirty and unkempt city…” A city, Gunther wrote, travelers should avoid, really, as they made their way through the Midwest. In the 1960’s and ’70’s, civically minded women calling themselves the Keep Indiana Beautiful Club began … Read more

Meet the 2016 Urban Naturalists

Meet Keep Indianapolis Beautiful’s 2016 class of Urban Naturalists! This work readiness program is comprised of college students in environmental fields of study, who are interested in pursuing green-collar jobs after graduation. The urban naturalists program provides an excellent opportunity for these students to receive exposure to different types of green-collar careers. Urban Naturalists will take part in enrichment activities that include … Read more

Plant This, Not That

Joey Ponce of City in Green has developed a visual, educational guide to planting pollinator friendly native plants. His City in Green project focuses on the documentation and hopeful proliferation of native plants, organic gardening and environmental curiousities in an urban landscape. City in Green hopes to reconnect the city to its roots by reintroducing the practices of native landscaping and … Read more

Beautiful Moments with WFYI | Fall Creek Habitat Restoration

Keep Indianapolis Beautiful’s “Beautiful Moments” airs on WFYI 90.1 FM at 4:44 p.m. every Friday. This 13 week program features KIB president, Dave Forsell sharing stories of KIB’s projects over the years to celebrate our 40th birthday! > This week’s episode features the restoration work that has happened along the Fall Creek Parkway.

Crime Fighting Flowers

It’s been long theorized, but now there is more and more mounting evidence that greenspaces and well maintained communities have a direct correlation with increased safety and lower crime. CityLab once again does a great job of compiling three different studies that examine these very issues. The first and perhaps most interesting study looks at abandoned lots in Youngstown, Ohio. … Read more