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Orchids; Not Just a Tropical Treasure

This past weekend, a friend and I spent an afternoon at the Indianapolis Museum of Art to see their current exhibit, Orchids: Cultivating Beauty. The exhibit features hundreds of beautiful orchids from all over the world, each unique in their own way. The orchids are currently on display in the Madeline F. Elder Greenhouse, but are also decorating the Lilly … Read more

Laura Hurrle

  Occupation/Company/Organization/Position: I am a site director for an organization called Art With a Heart. What neighborhood do you live in? I live in Irvington.  What is the most inspiring place in Indianapolis? I love the grounds of the Indiana Museum of Art and the 100 Acre Nature Park for the beautiful landscaping combined with all of the art and the park-like … Read more

Jane E. Schultz

Occupation/Company/Organization/Position: Professor at IUPUI What neighborhood do you live in? Meridian-Kessler What is the most inspiring place in Indianapolis? I don’t think there’s one, but among the places I like are the grounds of the Indianapolis Museum of Art and the wonderful public art and green space along the bike trail that goes over to the Zoo.  I also love what has happened … Read more

Equity and Inclusion in Placemaking

As an intern at Keep Indianapolis Beautiful, there are so many new words to add to my vocabulary that I sometimes feel like I’m back in elementary school! One of these new words is placemaking, something that’s so central to KIB’s mission. This article from Project for Public Spaces, which I ran across in my ongoing quest for knowledge, was … Read more

Wheelbarrows: The Unsung Heroes of KIB

As I’ve sorted through hundreds of Keep Indianapolis Beautiful pictures from over the years, I’ve noticed a common thread: Wheelbarrows. These one wheeled, two legged beauties are everywhere in project photos, carrying shovels, flowers, and dirt. Here’s a look back at some of the wheelbarrows of KIB. Here’s a KIB Wheelbarrow assisting with a flower giveaway for our Adopt – … Read more