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Catharine (Cac) Diehr

Occupation/Company/Organization/Position: President, Millersville at Fall Creek Valley, Inc. What neighborhood do you live in? Boardwalk, which is part of Millersville What is the most inspiring place in Indianapolis? Crown Hill Cemetery How long have you supported Keep Indianapolis Beautiful? Since 2009 Why do you support KIB? They have supported us! KIB donated bulbs to Millersville in November 2009 when we … Read more

Derek Bland

Occupation: Retired / President of the Board of Directors, Crooked Creek Community Development Corporation What neighborhood do you live in? Crooked Creek North West Community What is the most inspiring place in Indianapolis? Michigan Road Corridor on the northwest side of Indianapolis How long have you volunteered with Keep Indianapolis Beautiful? Three years Why do you support KIB? Keep Indianapolis … Read more

No Job Too Small

Over 400 native perennials were planted at Marion County schools in 2015, and almost all of them by youth under 10 years old! This feat required us to think about how to properly equip our young environmental stewards with the right tools for the job, and so we at KIB recently designated our very own child-sized tool barrel!     … Read more

Here’s Your Chance to Learn About the Birds and Bees

Named #8 in the National Wildlife Federation’s ‘Top 10 Cities for Wildlife,’ Indianapolis is already recognized as a welcoming home for wildlife and people alike. With over 900 NWF Certified Wildlife Habitats, one of the largest proportions of city parkland, and its commitment as a U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Urban Bird Treaty City, Indianapolis is on the cusp of … Read more

Emergency Cute Stuff: Fairfax Kittens

“Free kittens! If you’ve got a good home for them!” A woman yelled out of the window as we cradled and gushed over the little kittens we found outside of her home. It was a normal day of watering in Fairfax neighborhood. But when we cut the motor, instead of hearing the cars roaring down West 10th Street, our ears … Read more