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Go Green, Go Woodruff Gardening Team!

Meredith Brickell is a long-time adopt-a-block captain in Woodruff Place. She was recently featured in a NextCity article about her efforts to address blight on the near east side. Learn more about this great community leader and local artist at ——- Tessie Lloyd-Jones jump started Phase 2 of the Woodruff Place Backyard project when she established the Gardening Team … Read more

#OptOutside along Fall Creek Parkway

Age: 3 years Location: Fall Creek Parkway and 23rd Street (across from Ivy Tech) Bio: This beauty was hidden under acres of icky, invasive honeysuckle. Thanks to a clutch team of a couple hundred Eli Lilly Co. employees on their annual, global day of service a 30 acres of landscape was cleared along Fall Creek. In 2013, Lilly employees worked … Read more

#OptOutside at the Play! Mural

Age: 3 months Location: South Meridian St. and Bluff Rd. Bio: Painted in August of 2016, the Play! mural at S. Meridian St. and Bluff Rd. is inspired by the magic of play. Carl Leck, the artist behind Play! said, “The horizontal seams that cover the entire facade of the mural surfaces presented a unique challenge when conceptualizing a design. … Read more

#OptOutside at the Fletcher Park Triangle

Age: 3 years Location: Brookside Avenue, 12th Street, Arsenal Avenue. Bio: The Fletcher Park Triangle has existed for over 100 years, but only recently through a partnership between KIB and the Windsor Park Neighborhood Association, has it been restored to its former glory. First built by George Kessler as part of the Brookside Parkway, the park became less accessible over … Read more

#OptOutside to Millersville at Fall Creek Parkway

Age: 5 months Location: 56th St. and Fall Creek Parkway North Drive Bio: Millersville at Fall Creek Parkway is a restful and natural space along the Fall Creek Trail which incorporates art that reflects the history of the town of Millersville. The space gives visitors views of Fall Creek as well as a previously forgotten pond that was uncovered after … Read more