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Bill Ward of Brehob Nursery

Tell us a little about yourself.
Brehob Nursery, Inc. is a family owned business that has been part of the Indianapolis community since 1969. We grow and re-wholesale landscape and greenhouse plants for landscape companies and garden centers. We partnered with KIB several years ago and we continue to support their efforts to make Indianapolis a better place to live.

Why did you first support KIB?
A visit from Dave Forsell convinced us that this was an organization that would accomplish much and needed to be supported.

Do you have a favorite KIB experience? 
My fondest experience is the day the landscaping was installed at the KIB Headquarters. Even though it rained and there was a lot of hard work to be done. Everyone pitched in and got it accomplished while having a good time about it.

What keeps you involved?
We enjoy working with the KIB staff and we have developed a mutually beneficial partnership with KIB. We believe in the mission and are proud to be a part of making/ keeping KIB successful.

Do you have a favorite place in the city?
The Canal Walk; it is very relaxing.