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Bill Cummings

What part of town do you live in? What do you like about it?
I live in the Butler-Tarkington neighborhood. Proximity to Butler University, Broad Ripple, and downtown is a big advantage of this area. It’s great that our sidewalks and Indy’s new bike lanes lead to interesting destinations. Finally, the trees in the area are large, providing habitat for plants, insects, and birds.

Where do you like to spend time outdoors? Why?
One of my favorite places is the Mary Gray Bird Sanctuary near Connersville. My family and I camp there often. The campground is filled with the calls of barred owls at night and the bright colors and songs of warblers on a spring day.

What places in Indianapolis inspire you? 
The Central Canal Towpath and the downtown canal are places I show to visitors as examples of a side of Indianapolis not necessarily known from outside the city.

Why do you support KIB?
My kids and I take pleasure in visiting sites where we’ve helped plant trees, restore gardens, or dig in daffodils. It’s great to see these plants growing and making the city more verdant.

If you were describing KIB to a friend, what three words would you use?
I would describe it as very well aimed and organized.

What else are you involved in within the community? 
I spend a good deal of time promoting team sports, particularly baseball and soccer. I also take pleasure in supporting groups that preserve and improve natural habitat such as Keep Indy Beautiful, Indy Greenways, The Nature Conservancy of Indiana, and the Indiana Audubon Society.

What else would you like to tell us about yourself?
I am a bicycle commuter, and I’m very pleased by the great work that Indianapolis has done over the last decade to make bicycle riding more accessible.