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Bike sharing system to lauch in Indy

Bike sharing system to lauch in Indy

What the heck is bike sharing?

Bike sharing programs have been successfully implemented all over the globe; from Ireland and China, to right here in the U.S. and everywhere in between. A bike sharing program is exactly what it sounds like: a service in which bicycles are made available for the public to share on a short term basis. A few months ago, the city of Indianapolis announced they would be implementing a system that’s expected to kick-off in May 2014.

Now let’s dig a little deeper… what’s the point of spending time and money on such a program? Bike sharing programs make it convenient for residents to move around in an urban area, while also encouraging physical activity. They also provide an alternative to public transportation, reducing air pollution and traffic congestion. Potentially, this bike sharing system will create less demand for personal cars, allowing the city to eliminate unnecessary parking space. In turn, this will provide more green space for public activities.

Indy’s bike sharing services will be located along the Indianapolis Cultural Trail with approximately 300 bicycles and 25 stations. Bicyclists using the program will be able to sign up online or at a convenient station kiosk.

Sounds pretty awesome, doesn’t it? Kevin Kastner from Urban Indy discussed some the positives and negatives of a bike sharing system in Indy, check it out here: