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Ann Luther and Ron Jackson

Ron Jackson and Ann Luther are residents of Chatham Arch and home to an 11-year-old rescued Airedale Terrier, Rob. They are committed to the downtown area and in the process of restoring their 115-year-old home, which is a continual process and will never be done. They are members of the Central Indiana Bicycling Association (CIBA) and active riders. Ron is the former director of the Hilly Hundred and Ann was a CIBA Board member and VP.

Both are runners, with Ron recently completing his third marathon in San Antonio. Ann is also quilter and involved in the Indianapolis Quilt Guild and the Indiana State Guild. She averages completing 8-10 quilts a year.

In addition to KIB they are supporters of the Phoenix Theater and the Julian Center. Ann and Ron recently climbed Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Africa! They recently answered some questions for us about their involvement with KIB.

Why did you first support KIB?
The mission of KIB matches up with our own goals.

Do you have a favorite KIB program?
Seeing the daffodils in the spring dotting the median of the highways coming into Indianapolis is like painting a smile of the landscape.

What keeps you involved?
The rallying of neighborhoods to clean up their own areas and the planting of trees is what keeps us involved. By lending support to neighborhoods and assisting in the clean ups it ensures those living there feel responsible. Planting trees throughout our community is like planting hope and shows KIB is determined that this community will be beautiful, healthy and inspired today and in the future.

Do you have a favorite place in the city?
Our backyard is a pocket garden and a quiet retreat, full of birds and plants. It is also has one of the largest trees downtown, a walnut that turns into a fruit producing nuisance on the odd year. Oh no – that is this year.

Do you have a favorite flower or tree?
Favorite Flower – the Iris, which is a sign that spring is really going to arrive after another gray winter. Favorite Tree – the white birch.