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Ah hem, your Asimena triloba is showing

And it’s worth seeing and even better to taste. Check out this quick video to see KIB’s Abby Dennis’ reaction to her first taste of the Pawpaw and Jerome Delbridge’s excitement!

In Indiana we are nearing the tail end of the very short fruit season for the Pawpaw (Asimena triloba) tree. If you are lucky enough to find a tree, simply give the trunk a good shake to bring down an “Indiana banana.” The shelf life of a Pawpaw fruit isn’t long so it’s best to eat it right away if it feels tender to the touch.

The fruit has an almost tropical taste. Some like, some don’t. But it is worth a try. Evidently, the fruit was good enough to help sustain Lewis & Clark on their westward trek.

Indiana may not have a town named Pawpaw but several of our neighbors do including Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan, and West Virginia. But, you will find these large leaf Pawpaw trees around town and especially so as KIB continues to plant them as well as other remarkable Indiana native trees.

Check out Youth Tree Teamers, Jacob & Bradi, end of season pamphlet on the Pawpaw.


Also, be sure to come to KIB’s Trick-or-Trees event on Friday, October 25 from 6PM to 9PM. Learn even more about the Pawpaw, and tons of other native-Indiana trees; plus enjoy Sun King beer, local food trucks, and live music!