Employment and Internships

Applications for Spring 2017 internships will reopen in November.

  • Volunteers Program Internship


    • To support the programming of Keep Indianapolis Beautiful (KIB) with the largest volunteer network in Indianapolis.
    • To carry out general KIB volunteer program and project communications.
    • To uphold current volunteer and project record management processes and complete historical volunteer and project institutional data.

    Duties, Functions, and Responsibilities include:

    • Volunteers
      • Communicate pre-project information to registered volunteers and groups
      • Update volunteer database with participant information post-project and send appropriate emails
      • Implement appreciation programming and send out earned perks
      • Help organize, promote, and host the annual volunteer appreciation event
      • Contribute to the KIB Blog
    • Ambassadors & Tree Tenders
      • Prepare outreach materials for community events, meetings, and fairs, participating as needed
      • Report weekly on individual volunteer project activity
      • Support planning of training and teambuilding events
    • KIB
      • Research past organizational events and projects to complete institutional data
      • Support outside program staff at a minimum of one project each semester

    Qualities of an ideal candidate:

    • Passionate about helping people and nature thrive in Indianapolis
    • Approachable and outgoing when engaging various community partners and volunteers
    • Committed to consistent, informative, and inviting communication
    • Fearless in the face of routine and long-term projects, particularly in terms of quality recording and maintenance of volunteer and project data
    • Enjoys learning and a good puzzle
    • Creative when faced with a challenge
    • Willingness to dirty one’s hands for the good of the cause
    • Comfortable with Microsoft Office, Outlook, CERVIS, Formstack, WordPress, MailChimp and GIS

    Time Committment: 8 to 12 hours per week, each week per semester

    Compensation: $1,000.00 per semester

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  • Nonprofit Management Internship

    Purpose of Internship:

    • To assist the Office Manager of Keep Indianapolis Beautiful, Indianapolis’ only community improvement nonprofit with a focus on nature, beauty, and creating healthier neighborhoods.
    • To learn the ins and outs of nonprofit management in a dynamic organizational setting.
    • To help administrate the KIB trash box and recycle bin program, which impacts 200,000 people each year and facilitates litter pickup and recycling at over 200 events each year.

    Duties, Functions, and Responsibilities Include:

    • Office Management
      • Manage visitors to the building, including conference room rentals and building tours.
      • Communicate with our clients and the public about KIB events, programs, and volunteer opportunities.
      • Manage front desk activities so that visitors are greeted, deliveries are accepted, and pickup of program supplies are facilitated.
      • Complete special projects to assist with the running of the organization.
    • Internship Program
      • Create and update internship documents for KIB internship program.
      • Recruit new interns for KIB internship program by posting internship opportunities, creating promotional materials, promoting opportunities at college campuses, and exploring partnership opportunities.
    • Trash Box and Recycle Bin Program
      • Take orders, create invoices, collect payment, and distribute trash boxes and recycle bins to customers.
      • Track customer and sales data and report monthly to the Office Manager.
      • Actively promote programs and identify additional opportunities to market.
      • Develop new strategies to streamline trash box and recycle bin program and track program data.
    • KIB
      • Opportunity to experience KIB board meetings, staff meetings, and team meetings.
      • Participate in KIB community projects such as a tree plantings or community cleanups.

    Qualities of an Ideal Candidate:

    • Passionate about helping people and nature thrive in Indianapolis.
    • Excellent interpersonal skills, including ability to work with a diverse group of people.
    • Commitment to efficient, high-quality work.
    • Desire to work in a beautiful, well-lit, and dog-friendly office environment with occasional excursions into nature.
    • Basic proficiency in using Windows OS and Microsoft Office.
    • Curious and willing to learn other computer applications, such as Formstack, Abila, Google Sheets, and more.

    Time Committment: 8 to 12 hours per week, each week per semester

    Compensation: $1,000.00 per semester

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