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A Proud Story for 2013: Indiana State Fair Recycling

Carey Hamilton and Jean Miller, Indiana Recycling Coalition, guest blogs about the fantastic work the IRC is doing–be sure to check in all week for their posts!

Given that nearly one million people ate and drank their way through the Indiana State Fair, the Indiana Recycling Coalition was thrilled to be part of this HUGE, previously untapped, opportunity for recycling!

The IRC partnered with Keep America Beautiful, the Alcoa Foundation and Cummins to provide recycling services at the State Fair.  This effort required the purchase of several hundred recycling containers of various types and more than 1,000 hours from our staff and wonderful volunteers.

Check out these amazing recycling statistics for bottles, cans and cardboard:

Plastic Bottles & Aluminum Cans 2012: None 2013: 2.31 tons –this means thousands and thousands of cans and bottles!

Cardboard 2012: 16.91 tons 2013: 24.02 tons –42% increase

If you are interested in being part of our State Fair recycling effort in 2014, please email to be added to our volunteer list.

Starting in 2014 KIB will no longer feature recycling information on our website; that job is better suited for our friends at the Indiana Recycling Coalition. Be sure to follow the IRC posts all this week leading up to America Recycles Day on November 15!