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2013 IPL Project GreenSpace: Indy Tilth Native Planting & Rain Garden

Fairfield and 34th St near the Double 8 Food Store

Indy Tilth

KIB will collaborate with local non-profit, IndyTilth to install native trees, shrubs and perennials and a large rain garden at the Double 8 Food Store near Fairfield and 34th Street in the Mapleton-Fall Creek Neighborhood.  This project reduced the amount of impervious surface on the property and intercepts storm water runoff. In addition, the project will attract desirable birds and insects and educate the public about Indy’s combined sewer overflow issues.

The rain garden was excavated in late fall of 2012 and many plants and trees were installed around the rain garden. On April 20th, 2013, volunteers from the neighborhood completed the rain garden installation by adding an additional 1,500 plugs that will eventually mature and fill in throughout the rain garden.