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2010 Lilly Day of Service Foucuses A Greener Welcome

In 2010 KIB, Lilly, the Indiana Department of Transportation and surrounding neighborhoods joined forces to transform a six-mile stretch of I-70,  A Greener Welcome–a project 30 years in the making was made a reality! 9,000 volunteers (8,500 Lilly volunteers and 500 volunteers from interchange adopter companies) worked along I-70, from the airport to downtown, on October 7. They planted 1,600 trees and more than 72,000 perennials and shrubs, all in one day!


In mid November 2010 the public art installation began along I-70. Art was installed at the intersections near Harding and West Street; the remainder of the pieces are set to be completed and installed in the Spring of 2011.

  • TOTEMS: 28 of the 60 totems constructed by an MFA Sculptor at the Herron School of Art, Jason Bord were installed,  the 9 and 13 foot totems will dot the landscape along the Harding Street interchange.
  • LOTUS LEAVES: 9 brightly colored lotus leaves were placed at the West Street interchange, created by, Shi-Fen Liu, MFA Sculptor at the Herron School of Art.
  • RNA STRAND: Life Evolving is a 40-foot sculpture composed of bronze and stainless steel. Hollow metal spheres attached to two rings represent the base of the molecule, and are supported by beams originating in a large sphere that represent a cell. Placement of the beams corresponds to the axial tilt of earth, which determines the seasons and therefore, influences biological development and adaptation.