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2008 & 2009 Lilly Day of Service

This partnership began in 2008 when Lilly engaged more than 7,500 volunteers in service. Through work at over 50 projects throughout Indianapolis, over 30,000 hours of service was completed in just one day. The results from this day were amazing with almost 2,000 trees planted, 18 school grounds enhanced and a half-mile of public murals created just to name a few.

2008 lilly

While hard to believe, 2009 brought an even bigger Lilly Day of Service with over 8,800 employees participating at once again more than 50 projects. Highlights including the beautification of Interstate 70 at Holt Road, Indy Parks enhanced and additional public murals created. Over 2,500 trees and 70,000 plants were installed on this one day!

lilly 2009